Dr. N. Strobach, PS "The British Empiricists", summer semester 1999, Wednesday 9-11, R 225

Provisory Schedule (June)

Relevant bits of texts are behind the links for each session.

1st session, April 7: Introduction


2nd session, April 14: Hobbes's theoretical philosophy
(matter in motion, corporeal god?, corporeal soul?, "Leviathan")

3rd and 4th session, April 21 / April 28: Hobbes's political philosophy
(the social contract and the sovereign, more from "Leviathan")


5th, May 5: Locke - a philosopher of enlightenment
("Essay": Epistle to the Reader,

6th, May 12: Primary and secondary qualities
Book II, ch.8)

7th session, May 17: Identity

("Essay" book II ch.27)

8th session, June 2: Locke's political philosophy:
(the social contract and the citizen, "2nd Treatise", chapter 2)


9th session, June 9 : Berkeley's radical empiricism
(and how to refute it - perhaps..., "Treatise..."(boiled down version))

10th session, June 16: Berkeley continued


11th session, June 23: Hume's theoretical philosophy I
Hume's theoretical philosophy I
(causation and free action: paper with relevant bits of text from Treatise and 1st Enquiry

12th session, June 30: Hume continued

July 7 Written Exam


course announcement (as printed in the department prospectus)

If you plan to sit the written exam, please prepare for it by writing several essays during the semester - it's a chance: they'll be commented on, but not marked. I appreciate getting them via e-mail, so I can read them before the session and reply with a commented version. You can send me an e-mail e-mail by clicking here or, if this doesn't work, to niko@uni-muenster.de.